In the US, involved a new round of withdrawal of dangerous drugs for high blood pressure

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Modern type drugs cannot but be effective in most situations – however, even if they actually help patients to get rid of various symptoms, this does not mean that they equally do not have any dangerous side effects. And today it became known about another expansion of the ban on the use, sale and distribution of a number of drugs against high blood pressure in the United States – which is another attempt by the Federal Food and Drug Administration to stop the dangerous course of dangerous drugs that may time cause cancer.

It is this motivation that is behind the continuing withdrawal from the US medical treatment of a number of drugs that help lower blood pressure – in particular, last week there was news that another such dangerous drug was found in the form of losartan potassium. And he again becomes the culprit of the incident, since according to the Federal Commission, 32 more configurations of this drug were found in the United States, which can be potentially dangerous for use and which also have a high risk of developing cancer.

In particular, a new round of investigation led the commission's specialists to Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited, in circulation of which so many configurations of the potentially dangerous drug were found. So, the presented company is becoming one of the latter so far, which is undergoing urgent cleaning in order to identify various configurations and variants of Losartan potassium, which can be potentially dangerous.

It is worth noting that the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States seeks, first of all, to change the legislation itself regarding the maximum permissible rate of presence of contamination of drugs – at the moment this figure is around 9.82 ppm, which ultimately should be replaced by a more realistic indicator.

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