In the US, a safer diagnostic test for COVID-19

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Today it became known that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has officially approved the mass testing and promotion of the new format of the diagnostic test for coronavirus COVID-19 for the general public. We are talking about introducing a new test that is safer for all parties, which relies on obtaining a sample of the saliva of a potential patient, which is then sent for analysis to one of the laboratories of Rutger Infinite Biologics, a medical company that took the initiative to develop and promote such a salivary test , which was quickly approved by the commission.

It is worth noting that a more traditional analysis using sampling of the mucous membrane of the mouth or nose is a known degree of danger for medical personnel even if they wear a full range of medical protection – even in this case there is a chance to catch a coronavirus.

In order to protect primarily medical personnel and doctors, the team of biological researchers from Rutger Infinite Biologics decided to present such a safer test and independently conducted its first clinical trials in their own laboratories – and then, presenting the results of the US FDA, hastily requested an official permission to implement it in the current US Department of Health plan, which is what she achieved. Now, mainly tests will be performed at the company's central laboratory in New Jersey, but negotiations are already underway with many medical institutions regarding the reallocation of some of the responsibilities and laboratories for this business.

In addition, users themselves, having suspected themselves of being infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, can independently perform this test and leave it in a special area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir place of residence, thereby reducing time consumption and minimizing the risk of infection from outsiders. So far, it remains to wait for the final stage for the implementation of this test to be deployed, but there is almost no doubt that it will become the most popular.

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