In Israel, developed a nano-retina new model

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The most severe disease of the organ of vision is retinal atrophy, leading to complete blindness. In this direction, Israeli scientists have repeatedly made a breakthrough, returning the ability to see even completely blind patients. This is a unique miniature video camera Vision Care for implantation in the eye, which has no analogues in the world.

Nano-retina implant

A few years ago, Israeli scientists invented a more physiological method of restoring vision — the nano-retina or nano-retina. Despite its uniqueness and effectiveness, the implantable retina still had its drawbacks – with the quality of color sensation and limited visual acuity.

As a result of scientific research in recent years, a new model of nano-retina (retina), created by NanoRetina, has been developed, with a tenfold improvement in vision and color perception. At the recently held in Israel international conference, BioMed gave a high assessment of the new technology, which in the near future could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people suffering from retinal atrophy, including diabetic.

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