In Greece, an operation on a new technique of DNA fertilization

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New DNA conception technology called in vitro fertilization – or IVF abbreviated – has demonstrated truly revealing results in a recent experiment to fertilize a donor egg with the help of male and female genetic material from other people. This is a new stage of testing this unique DNA technology in Greece, where a 32-year-old Greek woman named Matina Karavokura, a son was born last Thursday using this method — a woman could not get pregnant earlier because of the internal problems of the genital organs This technique used the genetic material of her immediate husband.

The technology of artificial vitro-fertilization called IVF-vitro was developed three years ago in Mexico City, where experts for the first time successfully carried out the transfer of DNA information from the mother egg to the donor, using the same sperm as the male genetic material. As for the current operation in Greece, the same technique was used here, but with some modifications and differences in connection with the individual characteristics of the donor egg.

A woman who could not give birth to a child independently agreed to conduct such an experiment – like her husband – with the result that scientists were able not only to successfully transfer genetic material to a donor egg, but also help the fetus with early development – as a result, a woman was born completely healthy a son who is genetically their immediate descendant with her husband. Thus, the aforesaid technology is becoming more reliable, efficient and multifunctional.

It is worth noting the fact that such experiments were prepared quite a long time ago and thus the current success in Greece is directly explained by the fact that the experts had previously carried out all the necessary analyzes and even resorted to computer modulation of the situations possible during fertilization. It remains to wait for new news regarding the possible use of this technology in other places on the planet.

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