In Assuta opened a new center of sports medicine

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It is known that sports injuries are multilateral in nature, with the result that the patient is forced to turn to different specialists, who, moreover, are often practiced in different clinics. Therefore, the diagnostic process may be delayed for an indefinite period, during which a person does not have the opportunity to go in for sports in the usual way. The Center for Sports Medicine in Assuta provides an opportunity to get all the advice and diagnostics in one place.

First of all, the patient is referred for consultation to the leading orthopedist of the Assuta clinic specializing in the treatment of injuries of the joints and bones.

Further, depending on the nature of the injury, the patient is assigned the necessary types of diagnostics:

CT scan;
lab tests;
echocardiography and some other studies.

How is the treatment in the center

After the diagnosis is made, a personalized treatment plan is developed for the patient, which includes a whole range of measures that is most effective for this type of injury: physiotherapy, pain medications, and, if necessary, surgical intervention. From the moment of contacting the Center for Sports Medicine and before the start of treatment, more than two weeks have passed.

The head of the Department of Progressive Orthopedics at the Assuta Clinic, Dr. Gabriel Moses, a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon, stresses that the choice of a doctor plays an important role in the effectiveness of treatment. “Modern orthopedics is a very extensive branch of medicine, and it is extremely important that the doctor’s specialization be consistent with the nature of the disease or injury.

In the Center for Sports Medicine for each patient there is a suitable doctor, and treatment will be initiated as soon as possible, without any delay. This will enable the patient to quickly eliminate the pain and return to training as soon as possible. ”


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