IGWorks is preparing a unique garden project iHarvest

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The opportunity to grow your own vegetables and fruits inside your home seems to be something impossible and very futuristic – however, as IGWorks continues to experiment with their garden and botanical developments, this future is coming closer and faster. Today, company representatives officially presented users with the opportunity to become farmers in the near future without leaving their homes – after all, the company launched a project called iHarvest at Kickstarter site, which is a vertical hydroponic garden system with fully automatic irrigation, care and production systems for vegetables, fruits and berries.

According to the developer, using the iHarvest system is simple and intuitive because the system, being a small vertical hydroponic platform – which, incidentally, takes only two square meters – allows users to easily grow almost any seeds of fruits, vegetables and berries. At the same time, the planting and irrigation system itself is made in accordance with modern hydroponic standards of a closed type, which means that the iHarvest installation not only takes up little space, but also has a completely closed type of growing vegetables and fruits – and the users themselves can count on a rather large the amount of the future crop within such a system.

It should be noted that with all their systems, the installation consumes only 70 watts of energy and boasts its own LED-backlighting system with appropriate indicators that help you better navigate the functionality of this vertical garden as the seeds grow.

In addition, on the official product page on Kickstarter, it is already possible to pre-order the iHarvest system for only $ 500, while at the time of its release the system will cost about $ 850 – which is a really great way to save money. Surely the company IGWorks will continue to amaze us with their ideas!

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