Houseplants help fight depression during a pandemic

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Having plants and different kinds of cultures in your home is not only a great way to diversify the interior, but also an equally interesting way to help yourself psychologically. In particular, today it became known that the presence of domestic plants actually helps to fight various forms of depression and related symptoms during the general global pandemic COVID-19 – this study was compiled by biologists from the University of Seville. They were able not only to illustrate in detail the corresponding relationships between plants and the level of psychological comfort, but also some hidden ones.

In particular, the study was carried out mainly by the staff of the Agricultural Department at the University of Seville, who observed 4,600 volunteers in 46 countries over the past year – and we are talking about two main time periods in the form of the first major lockdown between March and June 2020, and the second lockdown from August to the end of October of the same year.

It turned out that more than 74% of people who had at home some plants and plantings in their homes, not only tolerated psychological discomfort much easier during a pandemic, but also showed a noticeably higher level of energy, much more difficult to succumb to various depressive states and symptoms of psychological discomfort. – of this number, more than half then expressed a desire to subsequently increase the volume of plants kept at home. As for the rest of the volunteers, they mostly suffered from various kinds of depressive symptoms, especially in small spaces.

It is no secret that houseplants in one way or another have pronounced positive factors of influence on humans, both from the point of view of psychological and physiological comfort – however, Spanish researchers were really surprised at how pronounced the effect of houseplants and various types of plantings on people is. under the influence of the global coronavirus pandemic and experiencing accompanying psychological problems against the backdrop of this very pandemic.

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