Houseplants can be dangerous to health.

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There are plants in almost any room. House flowers decorate the room, saturate it with oxygen and just deliver aesthetic pleasure. But not everything is so smooth. Scientists have found that familiar to us houseplants can be hazardous to health, as they emit toxic substances.

In particular, we are talking about cacti. The juice of this flower contains about 120 alkaloids, many of which have a very negative effect on the nervous system, not only of humans, but also of pets. The same substances are in the composition of ficus and poinsettia. Dieffenbachia is also on the list. True, this flower, in addition to alkaloids, contains calcium oxalate and even cyanide compounds. To call such a "cocktail" useful for the body is hardly possible.

Scientists note that not only potted plants can be dangerous, but also those that we receive in the form of bouquets. In this case we are talking about lilies of the valley, lilacs and even lilies. According to scientific experts, these representatives of the flora can provoke migraines and even a state of drug intoxication. It is better not to touch plants from the family of Solanaceae at all, and especially not to bring them into the house: they contain a powerful poison – solanine.

So not everything that is beautiful is good for health. Keep this in mind before you bring another flower to the house.



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