Hormone therapy can protect against Alzheimer's disease.

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Hormone replacement therapy, which is prescribed to women during menopause, has a lot of side effects, so this method of treatment is prescribed strictly on an individual basis.

American scientists have found that replacement therapy of this nature can be an excellent preventive method for Alzheimer's disease. In addition, drugs of this spectrum of action also prevent memory loss.

In the clinical trials involved 75 women. All participants were divided into three groups: one took hormone-spectrum drugs, the other had a placebo, and the third acted as a control.

Upon completion of studies that lasted 4 years, the following was found: in women who received replacement therapy, fewer amyloid plaques were found in the brain. These components are the "harbingers" of Alzheimer's disease.

Currently, clinical studies are underway, since it is necessary to establish exactly which hereditary-causal relationships have such research results. In any case, you cannot take hormones yourself, as this can lead to extremely negative consequences.



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