Hong Kong scientists develop new graphene masks

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Today, a talented team of chemical and material engineering specialists from the University of Hong Kong presented the results of their truly extraordinary research on the development of lighter, better and more effective antibacterial masks against all sorts of bacteria. In particular, today it became known that the team of specialists managed to present not just a new format of masks as such, but a conceptually new technical basis for their development, and we are talking about the use of graphene as a basis for getting rid of bacteria. Taking into account all the previous research, it becomes clear that they will be successful.

Early studies on the use of graphene as a basis for the destruction of most of the known harmful bacteria showed that the material actually possesses such properties only if it is obtained as a thin layer on a polyamide film by applying carbon dioxide on it, when using an infrared laser system. It is this approach that makes it possible to achieve not only a sufficiently dense graphene layer on the surface of the polyamide film, but also to make it as resistant as possible to the absolute majority of bacteria.

Thus, by optimizing this process, specialists from Hong Kong were able to create a new approach to the production of antibacterial masks with graphene as the main antibacterial component, and conduct appropriate tests – it turned out that the presence of graphene is an ideal condition for getting rid of the vast majority of harmful bacteria, even for a long time. time after using the mask.

On the other hand, scientists talk about the need to cope with the optimization of the process for creating graphene masks based on more compact and readily available materials as accurately and correctly as possible; however, for such an approach, it is necessary to seriously approach the optimization of the process as such. Thus, it remains only to wait for the end of the current stage of development and the first detailed plans of specialists to present a universal system for the development of graphene masks.

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