High content of dangerous food found in vapes

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Today, a research team from the medical center at Duke University in the United States presented the results of its new work to determine the most dangerous substances contained in various vape products and types of non-nicotine tobacco. The problem of the correct and quick regulation of such substances is quite acute at the present stage in America, where many human rights and medical organizations advocate the transfer of new powers to the Federal Commission for Food and Drug Administration of the United States – which, however, is becoming an increasingly tangible reality thanks to operational and incredibly finely detailed work of scientists.

It turned out that many popular vape products from leading manufacturers in the United States and Europe contain an excessively large amount of a substance called pulegon – which was previously completely banned as an additive to food products, due to its connection with the rapid development of cancer mutations. At this stage, bulletproof is considered as a completely withdrawn substance, which, however, can still be found in vape devices and various nicotine-free versions of tobacco and additives for electronic smoking.

Apparently, it is this substance – along with some others – that is partly the reason for such a huge increase in the number of hospital admissions and resuscitation of patients who have encountered serious respiratory problems due to the use of vapes. One can only guess about this while the research team at Duke University continues its tests, hoping to establish the most likely variant of the bulletproof strain, which is the culprit in the current situation in the United States around vape products.

However, it may well turn out that the bulletproof is not so dangerous in itself, but in conjunction with some other substances. However, one can only guess at this point, since the initial plan for experiments by scientists has not yet been completed. It remains only to wait for the final information on how really a bulletproof can be dangerous in popular and not very vape products

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