High Cannabinoid Levels May Help Against Neurodegeneration

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Today, the results of a really interesting and revealing study were presented regarding how strongly and effectively in their positive dynamics cannabinoids can affect the relief of the general symptoms of various kinds of neurodegenerative diseases – in particular, a talented team of scientists from the Augusta Medical University in the USA presented their research, focusing on considering Alzheimer's syndrome. In particular, the researchers were able to establish that some kind of positive dynamics in the context of the use of cannabinoids in the brain is actually present.

In the context of the development of unpleasant symptoms and the neurodegenerative processes behind them within the framework of Alzheimer's syndrome, there are two main proteins – we are talking about the protein IL-33 and TREM2, both of which are responsible for the removal of a relatively large number of amyloid plaques from different parts of the brain, which , in turn, are considered the main reason for the formation of one form or another of neurodegeneration. It is worth noting that in their study, the specialists focused directly on examining how different doses of cannabinoids supplied as part of specific medications can positively affect the production of these two proteins.

And in fact, it turned out that cannabinoids make it possible to do this by realizing an even higher and more intense level of production of these proteins, while simultaneously lowering the level of production of the IL-6 protein, which, on the contrary, contributes to the accelerated development of this neurodegenerative process, accompanied by other symptoms.

In general, American medical specialists have been able to demonstrate in a clear and practical way a high proportion of the benefits and effectiveness of the use of CBD-containing drugs on the state of the brain in the context of getting rid of a large number of amyloid plates. On the other hand, the researchers themselves say that their study is somehow missing some really important factors and indicators of patients' health, which will clearly be reflected in future studies.

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