High blood pressure can lead to neurodegeneration.

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High blood pressure is something really unpleasant and potentially dangerous – especially with age. So, today a scientific team of specialists from the American Heart Association, studying the various symptoms and relationships between heart disease and other diseases, presented the results of its new study. It is based on the study of the potential relationship between high blood pressure in adulthood and old age and the accelerated degree of degradation of nerve and neural compounds in the brain, which may subsequently lead to the development of a particular neurodegenerative disease.

In particular, specialists in their new study focused on identifying a direct relationship between how often high blood pressure affects neurons and what risk factors appear in the background in some patients undergoing treatment for high blood pressure. It turned out that there is the most direct relationship here, since high blood pressure has the ability to influence the distribution and movement of neurons – and therefore their general condition.

Moreover, the work of researchers also indirectly proved the fact that high blood pressure that does not receive treatment in a timely format can cause irreversible changes in some cognitive functions at a more mature age – for example, the function of speech and abstract thinking. Given all previous studies of this kind, it becomes obvious that high blood pressure is much more dangerous than previously thought, especially for older people.

It is also worth noting the fact that scientists note that in the case of some individual types of neurodegenerative diseases, the highest risk factor is precisely the untreated high blood pressure – if it is caused by any chronic symptom. In any case, it is worth waiting for the end of the current study and, based on the findings, form your own.

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