Heart Attack Prevention App Created

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Recently, a truly revolutionary mobile phone application program was presented to the public, designed to diagnose and identify the threat of life from a heart attack. More precisely, the application mainly focuses on identifying the most dangerous form of heart attack called myocardial infraction ST or STEMI, as doctors themselves call it. For the traditional detection of this dangerous symptom of the cardiac system, an electrocardiogram is usually used, which is a very dimensional and inconvenient method of diagnosis – especially away from civilization.

It is for this purpose that this application was created for smartphones and mobile devices based on the Android and iOS operating systems. In the course of its application, special sensors and electrodes are also used that are connected to the corresponding sections of the pile – however, unlike the traditional electrocardiogram, their number is not twelve, but only two.

Thus, by connecting the transmitters and using a smartphone as a kind of scanner, users themselves can determine and diagnose the presence of this dangerous type of heart attack in time. By the way, it consists in the fact that for one reason or another the central heart artery is blocked – a person usually experiences severe chest pain and external pressure. Experts note that the sooner a person receives qualified medical care, the better the consequences of this symptom and condition can turn out for him.

That is why the developed application aims to provide users with the opportunity to independently diagnose heart rate and the state of the cardiovascular system. Cardio experts even conducted an analytical study in testing this application and in the end noted that it works in its accuracy no worse than the traditional large-sized electrocardiogram. Which indicates the success of this device.

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