Hawaii authorities warn tourists about parasites

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Toxocara canis second stage larvae hatch from eggs in microscope. Toxocariasis,

Today, the state of Hawaii has provided the general public with a detailed report on the dangers posed by brain parasites called angiostrongialiasis, which are usually parasitic in rats and slugs and which can cause quite serious diseases related to the workings of the brain and internal organs. The fact is that earlier the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted their own investigation and found that out of 10 cases of infection with these parasites, about half were in the Hawaiian region – they were also found among tourists who visited Hawaii earlier.

It should be noted that by themselves brain parasites of this type have a really remarkable level of adaptation and can adapt to almost any situation – and they begin to declare themselves rather late when the body is sufficiently worn out. The authorities of Hawaii speak mainly about the so-called longworm disease in rats, which are their main carriers.

Thus, the authorities of the US state urge local residents and tourists to be extremely careful in choosing food and drinks, and also try to avoid consuming seafood of dubious quality. In addition, the authorities will also conduct an additional investigation to determine whether the organizations and networks of the food industry controlled by them can accidentally throw oil at the firebox of this disease, which is becoming more and more dangerous.

It is assumed that by the end of the current tourist season, the state of Hawaii will present to the general public something like a detailed report on how they cope with the control and opposition to this disease – for its part, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said it was ready to provide all necessary support. and propose feasible measures to contain potential developments. Especially considering the fact that by the end of the season the statistics for the current season will be updated.

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