Harvard identified the dangers of caffeine for those suffering from migraines

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A new study on the relationship between caffeine and migraines came about today thanks to a team of epidemiologists who have shown how strong this relationship can be. Caffeine in itself is a truly multifaceted and versatile version of a food product, which in some cases can save, and in others aggravate an already unpleasant health situation – this is what happens to those people who are prone to migraines and who consume from three and more drinks per day containing caffeine to one degree or another – however, there were some features and moments.

Firstly, the study itself was built around studying exactly how caffeine can trigger the migraine process and what processes occur in this case – so specialists were less interested in the amount of caffeine that needs to be consumed. And secondly, the study flowed smoothly into the study of how to minimize the risk of migraines, especially long-term migraines, and the answer is quite simple.

It is necessary to consume less than three drinks with caffeine per day for those people who periodically experience migraines – and the study itself indicates the fact that drinking more than three caffeinated drinks does not automatically lead to migraines, but only increases the chance of such a occurrence. Experts conducted a research experiment on 98 volunteers, mostly women under forty who suffer from migraines – and they actually managed to prove the relationship between the amount of caffeine consumed and the risk of migraines, including long-term format.

Moreover, the scientists noted that the increased risk of migraines is also due in part to the fact that the user can suddenly stop using caffeine in principle – this is especially noticeable if a person consumed a sufficiently large amount of caffeine. So far, research on brain processes continues, and scientists are trying to figure out what other internal triggers trigger such a process.

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