Hackers broke into the largest health organization

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Last Thursday, the Ministry of Justice launched a formal accusation against the Chinese hacker group. This very group of hackers is accused of a very serious crime – of committing one of the largest criminal hacks in the world in the entire history of public health in America. As a result of the hacker attack, personal data belonging to more than 79 million people was stolen.

The indictment composed by the Ministry of Justice consists immediately of four points in which local officials claim that a certain Wang Fujie, who is currently 32 years old, as well as his accomplice, who so far is either conditionally or seriously called John Doe , together remotely intruded into the internal computer systems of the American government, among which the special attention was caused by the organization Anthem, which is an indisputable giant in the field of medical insurance. The indictment by the Ministry of Justice stated the following: “The accused persons used the most sophisticated methods to hack into the computer networks of various victim companies without any permission. After gaining partial access, they installed a number of malicious programs along with various tools on compromised computer systems for their further re-hacking in order to gain access to updated information stored on the computer networks of the victim companies. ”

Although the hackers are certainly to blame, however, this is not the first time that Anthem’s organization has been hacked. The first successful "attack" on the organization took place relatively recently – in February 2015. Thus, breaking the integrity of Anthem’s servers ultimately helped other hackers to reveal confidential information owned by 80 million Americans. According to the first indictment about the hacking of Anthem, a group of hackers infected the emails by adding hyperlinks to the “target companies”. In the event that the victim did click on this hyperlink, immediately, unnoticed by the user himself, the download of a certain file started, which contained the malicious software. This software itself installed a backdoor, which gave hackers access to the organization’s entire computer system. However, this was not the end of 2015, because a little later, hackers stole another one, this time with little personal information relating to medicine. It included names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, information about the current place of work and income. Nevertheless, fortunately, these same hackers were eventually caught. At the moment, many fear that the situation, which repeated itself in 2015, would not happen again, because this time everything could be even worse.

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