Green Tea Helps Lose Weight in Experimental Rats

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The benefits of green tea are widely discussed not only among lovers of this wonderful drink, but also among scientists seeking to uncover the secrets of tea and its impact on human health in the long term. One such study was a recent one from Ohio State University in the USA, whose nutritionists presented the results of their observation of one very interesting experiment related to the systematic use of green tea extract in combination with the different type of diet consumed by experimental mice. It is worth noting, looking ahead, that the results are really unusual.

Scientists selected two groups of male mice – because female mice are naturally resistant to high fat concentrations – and divided them into two groups, one of which received a lot of fat in the diet, and the second followed a relatively healthy mouse diet.

Then, after a couple of weeks of such diets, scientists began to add a certain amount of green tea extract to both groups – or rather, for half of each group in order to be able to visually observe the comparative changes – and over the course of eight weeks they watched how much and how exactly the presence of green tea affects a wide range of indicators of their health. They found that the systematic use of green tea reduces the absorbed level of fats by 20%, including in the group whose diet almost entirely consisted of them. Moreover, scientists noticed that the systematic use of the extract of this drink by mice allows them to maintain a noticeably healthier blood sugar level.

Thus, another study regarding the health benefits and factors of green tea clearly shows that green tea can be a great help in one way or another for the prevention of a wide range of diseases, from the early risk of heart failure to various inflammations of the gastrointestinal environment . Thus, scientists from Ohio proved that green tea should be present in the diet.

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