Green Tea Extract and Sports Eliminate Liver Disease

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It is no secret that proper care of your body and systematic physical exercises can be a key point in strengthening and continuing your health throughout your life. But sometimes there are such diseases and conditions as, for example, fatty liver syndrome, which is formed not so much due to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, but because of leaning on fatty foods. In order to establish the best course of getting rid of this condition, medical scientists from the University of Penn State today presented the results of their new study, which examines the relationship between sports and green tea in the context of liver health.

Indeed, a preliminary set of tests demonstrated that the combination of these two factors gives truly positive results with increased liver inflammation, especially in cases where such a liver condition risks escalating into a chronic disease. Scientists selected several experimental rats and, dividing them into three groups, began an experiment. Initially, they were all fed high-fat foods in such a way as to cause symptoms of liver inflammation due to fat, and then, dividing into groups – the first only did physical activity, the second only consumed green tea extract, and the third combined both of these aspects – observed for the results achieved.

It turned out that the combination of green tea with systematic physical activity is the most indicative and effective method of combating liver obesity, since green tea extract has a large amount of polyphenols – special substances to improve metabolism.

And due to the fact that physical activity allows you to efficiently burn excess calories and trigger the brown fat trigger process – which is delayed the longest and serves as a kind of backup plan for feeding the body if necessary – they additionally accelerate the production and consumption of polyphenols, even if the amount of these polyphenols quite small. Thus, scientists have confirmed the previously expressed theory about the usefulness of such a combination

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