Glyphosate is recognized as a herbicide dangerous for the liver.

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Exposure to certain chemicals in one way or another affects human health – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. That is why you should look at a recently published study on the potential harm of such a popular herbicide as glyphosate for human liver. The fact is that a new study relies not only on previous analyzes of how glyphosate – used primarily against pests of wild grass – affects the state of the human liver, but also on a new series of experiments that clearly demonstrate a stable link between this herbicide and deterioration. liver work.

Specialists from the University of California and conducted this experiment, dividing its participants into two groups – the first was made up of people who have non-alcoholic liver disease, known as stetohepatitis, and the second consisted of owners of a completely healthy liver. In the course of the experiment, the specialists subjected both groups to a small control effect of glyphosate and observed how the liver changes in each participant and what third-party processes occur.

It turned out that glyphosate actually has a rather negative effect on cholesterol and some other chemical compounds in the liver, and in both groups, the first group began to experience an even worse condition, while the second group began to show dysfunctional liver symptoms. It should be noted that previous tests on animals gave almost the same performance, only in a more pronounced form, since the basis of the herbicide also uses additional chemical elements.

Thus, glyphosate is currently being seriously considered by the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States as a herbicide prohibited for sale – but so far no official decision has been made on this issue, which allows us to hope that along the way also shed light on some additional points associated with the use of this herbicide.

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