Game addiction is officially recognized as a disease

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The rather unusual inclusion in the International Classification of Diseases today was made by experts and members of the commission of the World Health Organization, noting the game addiction as a new registered disease. And more specifically, as a kind of psychological personality disorder with pronounced symptoms and behavior patterns, due to which it became possible to include the disease in general in the WHO list of diseases. This decision was made during the 72nd Annual Assembly of WHO, and the disease itself was included in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases ICD-11, thereby entrenched as a full-fledged syndrome.

However, it is worth noting the fact that the first criticism of such a decision of the health care organization has already gone – some experts, particularly in the field of medical psychiatry, actively challenge this decision, considering the game dependence syndrome itself only as a result of other, more pronounced and indicative personality disorder.

However, for their part, members of the WHO commission notified that the gambling addiction really considered a new disease, since many of the studies performed clearly indicate its independent nature and all the consequences resulting from this – reduced social interaction, problems with sleep and cognitive functions, as well as potential progressive personality disorder. So far it is unclear when this revision of the classification will be finalized, but many believe that this will happen much faster than previously thought – perhaps even before the next Assembly.

It is assumed that scientists from around the world will conduct additional research on the nature of this disorder – the revision itself states that game addiction primarily acts as an independent psychological disease that can spill over into the physiological spectrum of personality and health disorders, which makes it potentially very dangerous .

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