Frying oil is more dangerous than anticipated

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Today, as part of an independent study by specialists from the University of Massachusetts, an article appeared about a real indicator of the degree of danger of fried foods for those people who have an increased risk of developing colon cancer and inflammation of the stomach – the fact is that fried foods cooked with frying oil in fact, it contains much more particles of this very oil even after preparation than was previously known. Thus, after conducting their clinical study on mice, experts were able to accurately note how high the danger is such a meal.

The study itself was based on finding out exactly how frying oil can start the process of accelerated development of cancer-infected cells – it turned out that frying oil, especially when cyclically heated and cooled, directly affects the number of infected cells produced, due to the excessively high rate fatty acids inside. In addition, frying oil and products made with its participation are especially dangerous for those people who already have a predisposition to the development of cancer of the stomach and rectum, as well as for those who suffer from a different complex of inflammation and intestinal diseases.

It is worth noting that the study and its results were placed in the latest issue of the scientific journal Cancer Prevention Research, where experts presented some third-party results and evidence that speak in no way in favor of frying oil – especially due to the increased risk of various diseases .

It is worth noting that some early studies also often pointed to the possibility that frying oil could actually cause a wide range of stomach problems, including in the context of cancerous tumors. On the other hand, the current study is not without some features and inaccuracies of a technical nature, and therefore it is worth waiting for new ones.

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