From fiction – to reality, or "floating heart"

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Remember the sudden emergence of virtual images of heroes, when their body was very far away. For example, in “Star Wars” Luke Skywalker was the image of Princess Leia, who was in trouble, and was very far away.

Holography in the service of medicine

Today, these images from fiction have become a reality, and they are called holograms. They can be created on almost any subject or living subject, with the help of the most complex technologies – quantum physics, laser optics, etc. Holography is an important scientific invention, which has a great practical application in various fields of human activity, has already “started” in medicine.

For the first time an Israeli scientist succeeded in this, having proposed a holographic visualization system during a heart operation. The Israeli company Real View Imaging together with Royal Philips created the technology of the so-called “light printing”, when during the operation the heart image does not appear on the screen, but in space, in the air, directly above the operating table.

This 3-D image of the heart is much more accurate and natural than on the display, it can be viewed in detail, at any level, besides, rotate, change the position – just with a slight movement of the hand, while the surgeon’s hands remain sterile because they don’t touch no items. Such a hologram of the heart is very convenient for the surgeon and allows you to observe with great precision the organ during the operation, and more clearly perform the intervention itself. It is clear that we are talking about minimally invasive operations when the chest is not opened.

A unique heart surgery has been developed.

How is this miracle created – the soaring heart? In general: The system receives data on the heart in 3D format (from CTG, or MRI, or ultrasound), then they are subjected to laser or other light irradiation and the resulting interference (refraction of rays) using complex computer programs creates and transfers air "image of the organ.

The system is undergoing successful clinical trials in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Israeli Schneider Children's Hospital under the direction of Dr. Elkhanan Bruckheimer, together with American colleagues. Scientists have no doubt that its widespread introduction will dramatically improve the quality of interventions on the heart and blood vessels.

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