Friendliness could have become the most important feature in the evolution of Homo Sapiens

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Anthropology is such an interconnected and complex science and scientific direction that it often raises rather curious and ambiguous questions about us, people – after all, our evolution, despite many previously disclosed relationships and topics, still cannot but excite and intrigue in certain aspects. … Even today, a talented team of American anthropologists from Duke University presented a rather unusual study, the center of which was the study of such a human trait as friendliness, and its potential relationship with universal human, species development throughout our history.

If we describe the new theory as briefly and summarize its main parameters as possible, then it sounds like this – it was friendliness that helped our species Homo Sapiens become what it has become over time, putting it on a higher evolutionary level in comparison with other human species and thereby allowing us to reach those heights of civilizations that we have achieved now.

Studying the friendliness and propensity for cooperation within the Homo Sapiens species, American anthropological researchers came to the conclusion that it was precisely these traits that allowed the development of more evolutionary advantages and strengths, the absence of which in the same Neanderthals or Denisovan people and became the reason for their gradual extinction and assimilation among Homo sapiens. Nevertheless, this theory, which is still based on a limited scope of hypotheses, cannot claim to be the most correct, although it definitely attracts attention with its novelty and unusual view of our intraspecific evolution.

On the other hand, researchers say that isolated outbursts of aggression and manifestations of dominance are also equally important traits and parameters of the Homo Sapiens species, which went hand in hand with a propensity for cooperation, mutually beneficial relationships and friendliness, so find this line between “ useful ”and“ aggressive ”becomes difficult enough. However, we should expect other studies and their results on a similar topic.

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