Fragrances and sleep are more connected than many people think.

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It's no secret that certain smells and aromas can lead us to different feelings, evoke long-lived moments in our memories and experience a different gamut of emotions – however, aroma can affect our brain in a much more complex way. In order to confirm his previously voiced theory that this or that fragrance can improve a person’s cognitive abilities, a talented team from the University of Freiburg conducted a rather interesting experiment, including not only the use of aroma, but also special tests. These tests were carried out at several dozens of students in local schools in order to analyze their effectiveness in teaching.

At first, the team of experts selected forty sixth graders from several local schools as subjects – then, handing them special aromatic strips with the smell of a red rose, she said to attach them to their beds and table. Thus, the idea of ​​the experiment was that during classes and lessons at the table and deep sleep in bed, schoolchildren could firmly associate the smell of roses with the systematics of learning, thereby launching a command for this very training to their brain.

Then, after a week of such an experiment, the researchers sat them at their desk and watched the test results – which consisted of checking a number of words learned by schoolchildren earlier. It turned out that the influence of aroma actually managed to increase their learning efficiency and memory flexibility by about 30%, which testifies in favor of the previously outlined theory of the complex nature of aroma for our brain.

Thus, training can be improved in the long term, not only through the systematics of the repetition of the skill, but also due to the involvement of a particular flavor. However, for now, experts continue to consider other options related to how exactly aroma can affect the brain, since there is still a lot of interesting information on this issue. So at this point in time it remains to wait for further news and details.

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