Found traces of gas CFC-11 in China

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At about the same time of the year last year, environmental experts from around the world prepared their final annual report on the use of the so-called CFC-11 prohibited by the Montreal Protocol – a special chlorofluorocarbonate gas poisonous to the ozone layer, which continues to be one of the most significant sources of threat to the ozone layer. The use of this substance for industrial purposes was banned as early as 2011, but the study indicated that in some parts of the globe there are still epicenters from which this dangerous gas is pulled out – and these epicenters were two provinces in China.

This is the conclusion reached by a team of environmental specialists from the University of Bristol, who previously studied the complete set of information and details regarding the data received from the AGAGE environmental observatory in conjunction with a monitoring tool called NOAA. Thus, it turned out that in a number of areas of the ozone layer recovering there are still penetration lines of this gas CFC-11.

And as a result of a thorough and thorough investigation, it turned out that the main culprits are so far unnamed Chinese industrial enterprises located in the provinces of Henbei and Shandong – from there, environmental information of a potentially alarming scale began to come in, indicating that the ozone layer is not restored as fast as the ecological community expected. However, so far no specific data regarding these Chinese enterprises have been reported.

Of course, this is done in order to preserve professional business ethics and the security of companies, but in no case will they suffer the punishment prescribed in the Montreal Protocol. It remains for the time being to wait for further news regarding these studies and to observe how the monitoring of certain areas of the ozone layer.

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