Found the perfect balance between caffeine and sleep

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Having to work many shifts in a row or at night often means finding the most efficient way to stay clear-headed and relatively energized. That is why today a team of researchers from the University of South Australia presented the results of their new study on how much coffee you need to drink in order to continue to work effectively enough at night or for many hours in a row. Despite the fact that each person has their own dose of "comfort" caffeine, the results of experts indicate a much more universal indicator of this level of caffeine.

Having conducted their statistical and practical research from several dozen subjects, the team of specialists found that the most balanced portion of caffeine should be considered a volume of no more than 200 mg per day – or rather, during a work shift. Thus, an ideal balance is struck not only between caffeine consumption and wakefulness, but also with regard to proper awakening. The fact is that, according to a study by specialists, a truly high level of energy with this mode of caffeine consumption can be maintained and increased after a person lies down to sleep for 20-30 minutes after a cup of coffee.

When, after a specified period of time, he wakes up, it is at this time that caffeine begins to act, which leads to the so-called stage of prolonged arousal. Although researchers point out that this approach has its drawbacks – at least side effects will manifest themselves in the long term – it can still be recommended as a proven one.

More than 80% of the surveyed participants in the experiment subsequently admitted that after waking up and the indicated volume of coffee, they actually experienced an increased level of arousal and a surge of energy, so this experiment can be considered a success. Nevertheless, it remains to await some more accurate data from an alternative experiment of this type, since scientists see some statistical flaws in the current test configuration that need to be corrected.

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