Found the most effective treatment for lung cancer

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lungs' cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates that lung cancer will cause 27 percent of deaths in the United States in 2013, because today cancer is the leading cause of death among men and women. Part of the problem with cancer is the way to treat it, since patients receive toxic chemotherapeutic drugs. The new system of drug delivery into the body is aimed at inhalation treatment. Acting in the lungs, drugs are distributed throughout the body, thereby reducing the risk of destruction of other organs.
A new treatment method developed by researchers from the University of Oregon (OSU), Rutgers University and the New Jersey Cancer Institute uses nanoparticles as a carrier of anticancer drugs directly into the lungs. They are referred to as “nanostructured lipid nano-carriers”. They are easily attached to cancer cells, and their size is less than dust particles, so it is very easy to inhale them.
As a payload of chemotherapeutic drugs, nanoparticles also carry interfering RNA. It is a molecule that helps control and suppress certain genes, it makes cancer cells more vulnerable, helping to eliminate as a “pump” of resistance.

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“Damage Lung cancer is usually not localized, which makes chemotherapy an important part of treatment,” said Oleg Taratula, an assistant professor at OGU College of Pharmacy and co-author of the study. "However, the drugs used are toxic, so they can cause organ damage and carry severe side effects if administered in the usual way — intravenously."
In addition, the inhalation of chemotherapeutic drugs ensures a high hit of the drug in the right place. If the drug is administered by intravenous injection, then it tends to remain in large quantities in the liver and kidneys, where it is in fact not so necessary. As a result, only 23 percent of the injection is delivered to the location of the cancer cells. Inhalation delivers 83 percent of the injection to the lungs.
“The inhalation drug delivery system is a more effective approach that focuses only on lung cancer cells,” said Tarathula. "Other chemotherapeutic approaches seek only to suppress the tumor, but this system aims to eliminate them completely." Researchers have filed an application for a patent technology inhalation, the next step of this method are human clinical trials.

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