Found the eighth lava lake on Earth

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Despite the fact that there are about 1500 active volcanic points in the world, the presence of a sufficiently large number of standing and non-solidifying lava – known as lava lakes – is questionable. In total, seven large lava lakes are known, located mainly in Africa and the Antarctic, but many teams of scientists involved in observing such volcanically active places have long been talking about the presence of the eighth such lake. And it was actually found today as part of a special research project by volcanologists from University College London and the British Antarctic Society.

The lake itself is located within the mountains of Michael, which in turn is located on a remote stratovolcano on the Sanders Islands, which is the southernmost tip of the Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic. This location was found after nearly thirty years of careful study of geological eruptions and volcanic activity, but only now experts have managed to use the entire modern set of tools and satellites – including the ATLAS and Sentinel-2 heavy-duty satellite – thus actually finding the active lava lake inside the notorious stratovolcano on grief michael.

The discovery of the eighth permanent-type lava lake becomes really interesting, as it can potentially clarify some points related to the formation of such lakes and natural sources. As for the temperature, inside the specialists calculated a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius, due to which there is a constant influx of lava and the old one does not have time to harden, as it happens in the outskirts of many similar sources.

So far, a team of British volcanologists speaks about their desire to examine all the features associated with this stratovolcano more closely and in more detail – because soon the team will provide a more detailed and detailed research description on the formation of this kind of volcanic sources of active species, which becomes, by the way, on Earth less and less.

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