Found the cause of vaper disease

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FILE – In this Oct. 18, 2019 file photo, a man blows a puff of smoke as he vapes with an electronic cigarette. Teen vapers prefer Juul and mint is the # 1 flavor among many of them, suggesting a shift after the company’s fruit and dessert flavors were removed from retail stores, new U.S. research suggests. The results are in a pair of studies published Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, including a report from the Food and Drug Administration and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that the U.S. teen vaping epidemic shows no signs of slowing down. (AP Photo / Jim Mone, File)

There is nothing more important than our health. It needs to be monitored constantly and very closely, because many factors, such as smoking, can negatively affect it. Everyone knows that it is incredibly harmful and extremely negatively affects the general state of health. But smoking is a very contagious habit, which is incredibly difficult to get rid of. And precisely for those people who cannot get rid of their addiction, but also want to take care of their health, various vapes and electronic cigarettes were created. For many years everyone considered them almost completely safe, but, as it became known a couple of months ago, this is not at all the case.

The fact is that around the beginning of September of this year there was a very unexpected, very sharp jump in various diseases, as well as fatalities caused by vaping. For a long time no one could understand what was the cause of all this, but finally, scientists are close to giving a full and comprehensive answer to this. Thus, the other day the U.S. Centers for Disease Control publicly announced that with a probability of 96 percent, vitamin E acetate was to blame for everything. It was found that the above compound was present in absolutely all 29 lung tissue samples obtained directly from the affected patients. .

If you think that this problem does not concern you, then this is not so. The bottom line is that Vitamin E Acetate is a chemical that is constantly used by all companies to dilute liquids for electronic cigarettes. This substance has been actively used for many years in various cosmetics, and even in some food products, but during the entire period of operation by the industry of vitamin E acetate, there has not been a single case of harm to humans. And it is true, recent studies show that swallowing and rubbing this chemical into the skin does not cause any harm to health. However, as it turned out, his inhalation may actually interfere with the functioning of the lungs.

However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is in no hurry to blame vitamin V acetate exclusively for all the vaping troubles, as other substances were found in 23 of 29 lung tissue samples. Be that as it may, this verdict has already forced some companies that produce vapor liquids in electronic cigarettes to exclude the above substance from their composition. Of course, they will have to replace it with something, and then another, no less important question arises – will the new replacement be more harmful and dangerous than vitamin E acetate?

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