Found new enzyme for making safer painkillers

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It is no secret that many medium and high-impact pain relievers, be they steroid or non-steroid, can in one way or another cause addiction and various negative side effects, especially when they are taken regularly. Therefore, the search and identification of new chemical components and bases for creating new painkillers that are safer from this point of view is indeed a serious and priority task for many researchers. So the specialists from the University of Virginia today published a detailed report on the new enzyme they discovered, called DAGL ?, on the basis of which you can create new painkillers.

It is worth noting the fact that this enzyme combines a whole group of inhibitor substances that effectively search for and devour a large number of fatty molecules – which, in turn, are the primary promoters of pain and impulses. At the same time, laboratory tests have demonstrated that the use of this DAGL? -Enzyme does not lead to excessive accumulation of harmful proteins and other substances anywhere, not to mention spreading to the brain.

Preliminary tests have shown that the use of these non-steroidal inhibitors almost completely excludes the occurrence and development of any side effects and unpleasant consequences for the person consuming it as part of the drugs – however this is only an assumption, since the tests themselves were conducted on an animal basis however, they should cause a similar reaction in humans.

Thus, scientists from the United States managed to establish another promising enzyme inhibitor, on the basis of which a new type of safer and more effective pain-killer drugs can be created. However, scientists still have to conduct a lot of research regarding the proper selection of combinations with this enzyme, since its chemical structure must be further stabilized and normalized.

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