Found a way to weaken the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

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Bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to even the most potent and multifunctional antibiotics – and this means the need to find a more effective means to treat various diseases. That is why a team of researchers from the University of Thomas Jefferson attempted to weaken the natural protection of dangerous bacteria belonging to some of the most common families – and their technology is based on the use of “defective” transport RNA cells that are responsible for the production of proteins protect the bacteria itself.

In particular, scientists have focused on studying and trying to defeat the natural defense of Gram-negative family of bacteria – which includes such well-known bacteria as E. Coli and Salmonella. This family is more difficult to destroy, because it has a double membrane protection of bacterial cells, which means the scientists had to make double efforts.

Based on their previous laboratory studies, the experts came to the theoretical conclusion that if the mechanism of formation and division of tRNA cells is changed, they, in turn, will change the peculiarities of proteins required to maintain the life of the bacterial cell. By applying theory to practice on the basis of several bacterial models, scientists actually proved the correctness of their hypothesis – because using such distorted tRNA cells, they were able to significantly damage the integrity of the cell membrane, both layers simultaneously, which was not possible before.

Thus, even the most protected and aggressive bacteria in their reproduction can be really vulnerable to such equipment – especially the fact that bacteria can somehow pose a danger in the near future, when modern antibiotics can no longer cope with them before It remains only to wait for further news regarding the development of this segment of technology.

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