Found a way to treat HIV infection

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HIV treatment

The spread of HIV today is a global biological problem of mankind. Drug abuse, indiscriminate sex, non-sterile subjects in medicine, and sometimes an HIV-infected mother are the main ways of transmission from one person to another. People with HIV are considered to be the living dead, as the human immunodeficiency virus enters an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and a person may die from a simple infection or injury as his body is simply not able to deal with anything.

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The main task of medical scientists who deal with this particular disease is to find a way to treat HIV. The first step to finding this very method is the invention of drugs that no matter how much support the lives of patients. They do not cure, but only addictive, but still support the health of patients, which is just as important.
Researchers at the Stanford Institute have shown that not all people are susceptible to this virus. Let's see what the essence of the virus is and how it acts inside the body. Having penetrated into the body, the virus enters the T-cells, which are the central regulators of the immune response (in fact, they ensure the body's fight against various infections), where the virus binds to the surface of the CCR5 and CXCR4 proteins. It turned out that people who have mutations in CCR5 are resistant to HIV. It turned out this way. One person had two problems at once: HIV and leukemia. As is known, bone marrow transplantation is required for the treatment of leukemia, which was done for this person. After transplantation, he got rid of both leukemia and HIV. Scientists, of course, began to understand why it happened. It turned out that the donor had mutations in the CCR5 protein, which were transmitted to a person who was transplanted bone marrow.
Thus, knowing the ability to remove the virus from the body, it can be treated. The way to make CCR5 protein "mutated" is based on the technique of Californian scientists. Their work is connected precisely with research of links in CCR5, methods of penetration into it and breaking of DNA fragments in a protein. The goal of Stanford scientists is to make the proper “folding” of three genes into DNA in the CCR5 protein, which provide resistance to HIV. Such a triplet provides the strongest protection of a person against HIV infection.
Clinical studies of this method of treatment will begin within 3-5 years. For people who are infected with HIV, it is not guaranteed that they will get rid of the virus completely, but they will be able to completely stop the complete inactivity of the body. Patients will be injected with mutated T-cells.

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