Found a way to improve the quality of silk produced by silkworms

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It is no secret that silk finds its application in various directions and segments of human activity, from the production of clothing to the use in the manufacture of various kinds of tools and equipment. In particular, in the direction of the manufacture of medical equipment, which is indeed characterized by a high level of demand and relevance, and therefore it becomes not surprising that scientists are constantly looking for new ways to make silk stronger and easier to work with. Today, a team of talented researchers from the University of Tokyo unveiled their new way to create this more efficient silk by improving the silkworm diet.

Silkworms are the only source of natural silk production, and therefore one should not be surprised by the fact that the quality, reliability and other parameters of the final silk product created by silkworms directly depend on what the latter consume for food. Of course, there can be many modifications, but the Japanese research team has presented a new way of integrating a special diet for these living things, including special cellulose nano-fibers under the general classification of CNF.

Being integrated into the usual diet of silkworms, these nano-fibers act in such a way that they process silk secreted with saliva into a more reliable and strong structure – the final silk product of silkworms feeding on this diet has about 1/5 of the weight of metal, while in five times more durable, which cannot but surprise scientists. Of course, in the future, the research team will continue their research.

And now they are mostly focusing on shedding light on some really interesting and revealing aspects of providing some additional nuance to improve the quality of the final silk. There is an assumption that the Japanese researchers already have some ideas on this score, since they were previously actively engaged in the collection of this kind of information for a really long time and investing a lot of resources.

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