Found a unique way to eliminate sleep apnea

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It is no secret that the so-called sleep apnea syndrome – when a person’s upper respiratory tract is temporarily blocked due to tongue sagging or other respiratory problems – can be a serious enough problem that in one way or another causes many other problems. And today, a team of specialists from the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States presented the results of their new study on the possibilities of combating sleep apnea – in particular, scientists have proposed a rather interesting way of such a fight, which is to reduce the size of the human language itself.

This refers to the ability to reduce the volume of its mass and fat in the neck, which is often done in order to liposuction and reduce weight under natural conditions. After conducting some preliminary statistical studies and taking data from different categories of patients as a basis, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania came to the conclusion that, to a greater degree, temporary respiratory arrest in a dream is inherent in people suffering from some degree of obesity, unlike people which have a more comfortable body weight.

Thus, having simulated this relationship using a special computer program, scientists came to the conclusion that reducing the amount of fat in the neck and tongue can be the most effective method of combating sleep apnea and other problems of respiratory regulation – because if you ignore them, then in the future they can lead to really serious consequences.

It is worth noting that the treatment and relief of sleep apnea becomes a moment that should be approached with extreme caution – this is why the team of experts hastened to note the fact that their study does not take into account some specific features of such treatment. Especially when it comes to making a full diagnosis of the respiratory tract before proceeding with a decrease in the mass of the tongue and the amount of fat in the cervical region.

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