Found a new type of animal coronavirus

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The new type of coronavirus continues to remain something really mysterious about all the mechanisms of its spread and development – and even now, when vaccines from various manufacturers are actively involved, there are still too many questions regarding its viral nature. So today, a study was presented on a new strain of coronavirus in animals from a joint team of researchers from the US CDC Center and the French National Research Institute – and it suggests that such a strain of animal coronavirus can actually exist and carry out its destructive activities in relation to domestic favorites.

It is worth noting that the coronavirus – like any other virus – constantly undergoes external and internal modifications, which lead not only to an increase in the currently available strains, but also to the emergence of new variants. It is becoming clear that animals cannot help but become a potential target for the virus, which was demonstrated today in the framework of a joint study regarding the detection of a potentially new variant of COVID-19, aimed specifically at animals.

The team of scientists came to such conclusions shortly after they discovered that during the coronavirus peak from December 2020 to February 2021, the number of petitions among pet owners increased from 1.4% to 12.8% – and most of the problems are associated with the health and functioning of the cardiovascular system of animals, which could not fail to pass unnoticed among the researchers themselves, and such data can indicate only one aspect.

Namely that the presented new strain of coronavirus can in fact infect pets and that it primarily targets their cardiovascular system – in addition, the research team is really interested in taking advantage of some additional aspects regarding previous studies of various strains of coronavirus. There is a possibility that in the future such a classification will be replenished with additional types of coronavirus infection.

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