Found a natural biological barrier to the development of cancer cells

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Oncologists from several universities in the United States today presented the results of their new study on the relationship between the proliferation and development of cancer cells and the activation of a specific receptor called ALK7. In other words, scientists were able to find a natural biological barrier that can largely stop the spread of cancer cells, with the main focus of the study being that the biological barrier is created directly by the cancer cells themselves, which is indeed an unusual point that turned the whole study.

As for the ALK7 receptor, it is one of the most common receptors for regulating the development and expansion of cancer cells from the outside – thus, when cancer cells do not observe a large concentration of this receptor, this means an excellent opportunity for them to develop. On the other hand, this can be prevented from an increased release of this receptor, which becomes especially easy with the help of activin B, a special substance that is a regulator in relation to this receptor.

Scientists, carrying out their tests in rodents, have noticed that, by increasing the concentration of activin B, they gradually increase the concentration of the ALK7 receptor, which in turn leads to the fact that cancer cells can no longer expand – moreover, they begin to die during the so-called apoptosis, due to the insufficient amount of essential nutrients and compounds necessary to maintain their vital functions.

It should be noted that the current study in one way or another concerns a fairly wide range of areas in studying how best to resist the development and spread of cancer cells – at the same time, it can be noted that scientists intend to continue to experiment with changes in the ALK7 receptor level. It is also assumed that the presented biological barrier will be further improved after clinical trials on animals have been carried out – most likely they will be rodents.

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