Found a correlation between aerobic exercise and the fight against neurodegeneration

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The fight against various neurodegenerative diseases is one way or another easier if the majority of such a fight takes place in the form of prevention – and at the earliest possible age. Many studies examining the phenomenon and mechanisms of neurodegeneration, one way or another pointed to the fact that active physical training can significantly improve the condition of people affected or already affected by neurodegeneration, and therefore a new study by specialists from Southwestern Medical University in the United States only confirmed this thesis with own conclusions – experts considered aerobic exercises in this context.

Simply put, all those exercises that are somehow aimed at training the cardio system of a person. After selecting 60 volunteers with an average age of 62 years and dividing them into two groups, a team of neuroscientist researchers tried to find out which training regimen is the most preferable and effective in the fight against neurodegeneration. The first group was engaged only in simple, basic exercises without special cardio loads, while the second was engaged in walking and running.

After conducting a two-week test session, scientists found that it was the second group, which was engaged in systematic running and walking, who began to experience an improvement in brain function by 47%, and in this case we are talking about increased blood circulation to the brain regions called the cingulate gyrus and hippocampus. It turned out that just such a medium-active cardio-type training regimen is the most effective for elderly patients suffering from one or another variant of neurodegeneration, and its degree does not play a special role in this study.

Thus, the team of neuroscientists has once again proved the need to follow systematic physical exercises in order to maintain a normal level of blood circulation in the brain, which ultimately allows a more effective way to deal with neurodegeneration. In addition, the study itself is still far from completion, as specialists would like to introduce some additional factors and conditions that could somewhat diversify the experimental experience.

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