Food grade plastic may be hazardous to human health.

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Plastic dishes are used in catering and in the home. Scientists after a number of studies have established that such a container, when used for food in the long term, can cause irreparable harm to human health: the material contains bisphenol A (toxic component).

Manufacturers of disposable plastic tableware do not deny that the material contains this substance, but no one has told consumers about its health hazards.

It is established that bisphenol gradually infects healthy cells, causing them to mutate, which leads to the development of very serious diseases, including oncological tumors.

The substance is difficult to be removed from the body: detailed practical work showed that the amount of bisphenol in the body of men and women, often using food from plastic dishes, did not decrease even after refusing to use disposable containers.

At the moment, research on this issue has not yet been completed, but scientists strongly recommend to refuse disposable tableware, replacing it with a safe one. If we talk about catering, it is better to give preference to cardboard, which is safer not only for humans, but also for the environment.

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