Flue gas eliminates methane in the Arctic

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Environmental experts from the Skolkovo Institute of Nuclear Energy today presented their new interesting project, aimed at reducing the total amount of methane released from oil sources in the Russian Arctic, which poses a certain danger to the Earth’s atmosphere. In particular, experts presented a new energy project, according to which it is possible to convert and fully replace methane with carbon dioxide right at the place of extraction of oil products, which is much easier to get rid of. At the same time, it is a matter of converting sufficiently large volumes of methane emissions from these Arctic sources.

And in order to do this, the experts proposed a very interesting experience in the transformation of methane into carbon dioxide – using the so-called flue gases, which are waste products from industrial production centers, which, thanks to their special chemical structure, can easily split the methane structure using some auxiliary chemical elements transform it into simple carbon dioxide.

So far, at this point in time, the project is developing in its preliminary form, but there is no doubt that Russian scientists will soon offer a truly effective working model for such a transformation – especially given the fact that flue gases of this type have been used more than once for similar experiments and managed to establish themselves as truly high-quality and effective chemical agents for complex chemical transformation.

It is worth noting that the extraction of methane on an especially large scale from various oil sources in the Russian Arctic is one of the highest priorities in the development of Russian energy, and therefore it becomes obvious that soon scientists from Skolkovo will present the final version of their project to process methane gas into simple carbon dioxide. Moreover, they say that the conversion itself will be quick and cheap.

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