Fitbit will soon launch its own ventilators

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Fitbit, very famous and popular for its portable wrist-based health tracking devices and trackers, today released quite encouraging news that it intends to soon release its own version of the artificial respiration apparatus, which will be used mainly in large medical centers in the United States and the rest of the world , and which will be distributed on a very cheap by the standards of modern medical equipment basis. It should be noted that representatives of the company spoke about something similar about a month ago, studying the current situation on COVID-19.

Coronavirus itself in most cases passes in patients without any particular problems and consequences, however, the elderly age group and those people who suffer from various respiratory disorders are the most critical group that can suffer the most – because the virus is respiratory. The situation around the coronavirus over the past two months has shown that medical institutions around the world often lack their own set of mechanical ventilation devices, and therefore Fitbit wants to contribute to this fight.

Today, the company’s management noted in its official statement that it intends to present in the very near future its version of such ventilators on the medical equipment market, which should become something of an extreme line of defense against the most acute cases of coronavirus infection. Fitbit Executive Director James Park, however, is in no hurry to give out any details regarding future respirators, preferring to maintain intrigue.

Nevertheless, there is no longer any doubt that Fitbit will actually keep its earlier promise and will present to the public its unique configuration of the ventilator – however, it is still not very clear what exactly should be expected from it. It remains to wait for official news from the company itself or from the most reputable insider sources.

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