Fireworks can be hazardous to the respiratory tract

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Fireworks can be not only a very interesting and fun way to celebrate, but also a rather dangerous risk factor for the onset and development of a number of serious respiratory diseases – and therefore many studies in this area often indicate the need to be extremely careful when working with them. Here's a new study from experts from the Grossman School of Medicine in the United States indicates that some of the widespread consumer fireworks on the market may actually contain a considerable amount of really dangerous chemical components and agents.

First of all, for their comparative testing, the team of experts selected 12 common commercial fireworks sold in America and found that in two of them there was an increased level of lead, and lead poisoning was the most dangerous of other common metals. since it accumulates in the body for a really long time and can be asymptomatic at first.

In addition, five of the tested fireworks that participated in the research analysis released significantly more hazardous particles for breathing than the manufacturers themselves say, which is also a risk factor for various respiratory diseases. It can also lead to excessive oxidation of the airways, and this can provoke some latent tendencies to disease and various medical conditions.

Given that fireworks are in fact popular and interesting for most users, it becomes clear that you should be as careful as possible about what exactly is selected to order – the research team indicates that they prefer to focus their analysis on the most popular formats and varieties of fireworks, so it does not include those that are sold illegally.

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