FDA warns of the dangers of Billy + Margot Wild Kangaroo

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The FDA today released its latest report on the massive recall of dog food sold under the umbrella of the Real Pet Food Company – specifically the dog food from Billy + Margot Wild Kangaroo, which works directly with the parent corporation. and sells its feed through its official channels. It is worth noting, however, that the current massive dog food recall is not related to a similar incident last month when it came to a dangerous toxin found in some of the corporation's dog foods.

This time, we are talking about a safer, in a sense of the word, problem, because as part of a new mass recall campaign run by Billy + Margot Wild Kangaroo, FDA experts discovered the presence of a fairly tangible amount of Salmonella bacteria, which can cause really unpleasant consequences for dogs eating such feed – and in some cases the consequences can be really critical.

Precisely as a result of the laboratory analysis carried out earlier, the FDA of the United States was able to accurately determine that under the questions of further distribution in the market of dog food in the country there is a volume of food sold in 4 pounds from the mentioned company, so so far absolutely all of the recently produced volume of dog food – which, by the way, has a variety of faction formats – was recalled by an official decree of the Federal Commission. However, the Real Pet Food Company itself has taken up internal laboratory investigations.

Thus, in the future, the dog food of the mentioned brand may have really unpleasant consequences in terms of further distribution, but it is worth noting the fact that the FDA plans to take such problem signals more seriously in the future, both from consumers and from the corporations themselves – since initially the salmonella bacteria were discovered directly by the specialists of the Real Pet Food Company, which, as it were, hints at their interest in resolving this issue.

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