FDA warns of potential dangers of blood plasma

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Today, an official statement was issued by the US Federal Commission for Drug and Food Quality Control regarding the use of the blood plasma of young donors by less young patients – specifically, the commission’s specialists warn potential patients that they should not unconditionally trust various medical centers and complexes in America that promise them an effective method of combating aging, various neurodegenerative diseases and other complex hell. The fact is that the release of such an appeal was the result of the abuse by these centers of the ignorance of their customers.

In general, the idea of ​​using young blood to improve the physiological characteristics and aspects of the body of more mature and elderly people is not new – however, in the context of modern America, it is gradually acquiring a scientific research character, which many Americans believe in. It is difficult to blame them, as medical centers of a separate sense are launching very convincing advertising campaigns and projects in support of this type of preventive treatment.

Nevertheless, the US Federal Commission issued an official appeal, which indicates that despite a certain percentage of successful counteraction to certain diseases using donation of young blood plasma, it is still not recommended to use this type of prophylaxis, since it has not been studied much and, most likely represents at this stage more harm than good. Thus, the Commission is particularly insistent on the fact that some US medical centers use the concept for advertising.

Of course, in addition to standard hygienic and medical contraindications for the use of donated blood and blood plasma, there are also so-called individual aspects – according to WHO, the number of infections and related fatalities has increased significantly after the idea of ​​transfusion of a young donor in the United States blood is particularly prevalent in several US states.

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