FDA warns of insulin pump vulnerability

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Today, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has issued a special report that warned many users of insulin pumps that their model could be exposed to a rather serious and high risk of external exposure by hackers – moreover, representatives of the commission have already signed a decree withdrawal of a certain amount of pumps from circulation in the United States. In particular, we are talking about pumps manufactured by MiniMed and Paradigm, which are mainly sold as part of Medtronic – it is the largest representative of these medical pumps in the US market.

It is worth noting that the report of the Federal Commission took place only now, after June 27 of this year, representatives of Medtronic presented their own investigation into how dangerous insulin pumps made by MiniMed and Paradigm can be. At the center of the new investigation was the assertion that they could be quickly hacked and modified by potential intruders who could easily affect the parameters of their work.

In particular, the researchers say that potential hackers can remotely change the degree and amount of insulin produced by it and, thus, adversely affect the patient's health and even the health of the patient – and all because the found technical vulnerability is associated with a problem that cannot be solve in any way and which represents the initial error in the contourization and assembly of the insulin pump. The Federal Commission continues its investigation, and so far withdraws them from circulation.

However, it is worth noting that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration is also preparing to make an additional report on the proper use and distribution of pump data – it is possible that MiniMed and Paradigm will soon reconsider their approach to implementing the assembly and improving functionality. pump that can affect the quality of their proper use in the future.

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