FDA warns of dangers of metformin

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In today's address to the US public, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has stated that all patients with type 2 diabetes should temporarily refrain from acquiring one of the most common and popular drugs in this context called metformin, which is often used when stopping the symptoms of diabetes. This is because a responsible team of researchers from the Commission, through laboratory analysis, discovered a rather large number of not too pure substances, and, in particular, such a chemical agent as nitrosamine, which is often found in such cases.

Preliminary studies have repeatedly demonstrated that an excessively large amount of a chemical agent such as nitrosamine – or, as it is scientifically called N-nitrosodimethylamine NDMA – found in various medications, is often a factor in the development of various cancers. That is why a recent laboratory analysis of specialists from the US Federal Commission, the FDA, decided to withdraw as many recent lots of this anti-diabetes drug as possible so as not to expose potential patients and buyers to the risk of accumulation of unwanted impurities in the body.

Moreover, representatives of the FDA Federal Commission have already made a similar request to five different pharmaceutical companies in the United States that distribute metformin in the country, although their names are not yet indicated, apparently in order to preserve corporate secrets. However, the seizure of several lots of this drug is unlikely to affect the amount of this drug as a whole in various US states.

Because this is not only about the withdrawal of various drugs from mass pharmaceutical circulation in the country, but also about the possibility of providing some additional, alternative options for such drugs. It is worth noting the fact that while the laboratory studies of the FDA do not go so far, but at the same time indicate the fact that metformin may soon be banned in principle.

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