FDA reports dangerous case of mixing pills under AvKARN

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Today the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States presented something really unusual – the fact is that it drew attention to one of the latest appeals to the pharmaceutical company AvKARE, which somehow discovered a rather critical error within its manufacturing and packaging process related to different medicines. We are talking about an accidental and unintended mixing of medicines Trazodone and Slidenafil, produced in tablets in different volumes – it turned out that some of these pharmaceutical lots within the company experienced mixing, and in this regard, the company decided to withdraw some of them.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration discovered some third-party cases and instances of such mixing even earlier, but then it concerned an extremely limited set of medicines in an extremely limited volume – now we are talking about something really more serious.

In addition, the AvKARE team of medical specialists themselves stated that, apparently, the main reason for this confusion lies with a separate third-party department that deals with packaging and sorting of medicines. By themselves, the medications in the report are conceptually opposite to each other – Trazodone is intended to relieve various depressive conditions and symptoms, and Slidenafil is part of the Viagra group of drugs, which can cause quite serious problems with the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular system when mixed within one taking medications.

It is worth noting that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration continues to actively investigate this case, since the AvKARE management itself turned to her in advance for help – it can be understood that the pharmaceutical company is directly interested in providing something really interesting and unusual in this plan. It remains only to be guided by more or less verified and authoritative information regarding this investigation.

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