FDA recalls Sportmax for dogs and cats in the US

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This week, several states in America have registered a rather alarming trend regarding the spread of a large number of cases of food poisoning and even several deaths of dogs associated with the sale of a certain amount and type of food – or, more precisely, this food is, in principle, intended for dogs and cats. although not a single case has yet been identified for cats. Representatives of the US FDA have already issued a special report on the need to recall most of these pet foods, explaining their dangers.

The main danger comes from the food and feed company Sportmix, which produces a wide variety of feed formats and options and additional dietary supplements for pets – mainly for dogs and cats. So today it became known that some varieties of these feeds have become not quite safe for themselves due to the excessively high level of the so-called aflatoxin in them, which is a really dangerous moment. Aflatoxin is one of the most common, but therefore no less dangerous toxins, most often found in various foods, including those intended for humans.

As for the Sportmix feeds themselves, at the moment we are talking about such types of feeds as Energy Plus, High Premium Energy, Original Cat Lots and some domestic varieties of these feeds. So far, only cases of food poisoning in dogs are known, and several canine deaths have been recorded across all states of the country.

While it is too early to talk about the presence of a particular nutritional trend, however, it can be definitely noted that the FCC continues to carry out detailed and relevant research into what exactly was the main cause of food contamination with this toxin. Some experts suggest that the main problem is hidden precisely at the stage of picking and packaging, but this issue still needs some clarification.

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