FDA recalls popular anti-migraine drug in the US

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Today it became known that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has announced its decision to withdraw a medicine called Relpax, which is actively used by many patients as the main medicine for migraines, from medical circulation. The fact is that this medicine – known in science as eletriptan hydrobromide and belonging to the class of tryptamines – began to have not quite predictable and positive side effects in a number of patients who took it on a systematic basis. The reason for this is indicated in the face of an excessively large number of certain families of active bacteria, which causes effects.

It is, in particular, about families of bacteria called Burkholderia and Genus Pseudomonas, which form one of the active bases of the medication and are the reasons why it is so effective against migraines, even the most powerful. However, independent medical experts from the pharmacological company Pfizer conducted their own investigation and found that it is a large number of these bacteria that causes the toxicity of this drug, which can thus increase the risk of various diseases of the stomach and immune system, potentially leading to death-related factors. in individual cases.

Thus, it was decided to withdraw this medication from circulation – lots CD4565 and AR5407 have already been withdrawn and are currently undergoing a thorough study of their bacteriological composition, which is the most important point in determining the ultimate degree of harm from this medicine.

It is still unknown what the further actions of the Federal Commission will be – since there is a possibility that, after a successful examination, specialists will be able to correctly modify the chemical composition of Relpax in order to make it more effective and at the same time less toxic, or even get rid of toxicity per se. So far, it remains to wait for further developments regarding the improvement of the medication.

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