FDA Federal Commission withdraws several more shipments of metformin

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The use of some common drugs for a long time can somehow cause previously undetectable health complications for many people – in particular, the situation becomes stalemate in the case of a drug that has been used for many years, or even decades. Approximately this situation happened with one of the most popular drugs for the symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus called metformin, which is released under various brands and names in the world – when the US Federal Food and Drug Administration found an increased level of pollution in it.

The first few batches of metformin were thus seized at the end of May of this year, when multiple laboratory tests showed the presence in some of these batches of an increased amount of contaminant called NDMA, and its volume was increased so much that it was immediately recognized as the maximum a dangerous compound in the context of an increased risk of the onset and development of cancer.

Having seized these batches and rechecking the initial data, the FDA Federal Commission experts calmed down, deciding that the case was hushed up, however, today the responsible team from the Commission issued a special report according to which not all batches were tested for this pollutant, and therefore a second raid on in the United States, metformin, during which several more consignments of this medication were seized. It is worth noting that metformin itself is also sold by other pharmacists, where the chance to find an NDMA pollutant is lower.

In addition, a team of chemical researchers from the FDA Commission announced that it intends to check all additional channels and sales channels of metformin in the very near future in order to minimize the further risk of getting such a drug into needy patients – after all, the effect of a large amount of NDMA agent on the body can cause abnormal cell division and, as a result, one or another cancerous disease of a rather aggressive nature.

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